Horse Rug Sizing

Horse rugs – finding the right size

  • Australian horse rugs are measured along the bottom of the rug, from the front of the chest to the back of the rug, as per the diagram below:




  • If you already have a rug that fits well, measure it as per the diagram and order a Tuff Horse Rug accordingly
  • Tip: don’t just rely on the size tag on your old rug. Rugs can stretch and warp over time, and some brands just don’t measure as they’re supposed to. Make sure you measure the actual rug and go by that.
  • If you don’t have an old rug that fits, just use a tape measure to measure from the front of your horse’s chest, in a straight line around the body back to the back of the hind leg. This photo explains how to do it: 


  • Tip: make sure you measure both sides, and do it a few times each to make sure you’ve got an accurate measurement.
  • Extra tip: if your horse is in between sizes, get the smaller of the two rugs. A snug fit is better than a loose it, as the loose fitting rug can move around and rub your horse.

And there you have it! Whether you’ve measured an old rug or measured your horse, you can now go ahead and order a Tuff Horse Rug in the size you measured.

And if you go through this process, order a rug and you’re not happy with it, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. So rest easy, you’ve got nothing to lose!